Statement of Purpose and Patient Guide

The eTool© is owned and operated by Escripts Marketing Ltd, a Mobile Doctor’s Service registered with the Care quality Commission. It is legally responsible for all the clinical aspects of the eTool© service including, but not limited to, montoring healthcare professionals' access to the system, the appropriateness of the service, the quality of the advice and the integrity of the systems and services offered.
A requirement of Escripts Marketing's patient healthcare responsibilities is the Statement of Purpose which outlines the aims and objectives of Escripts Marketing Ltd, the kinds of healthcare services it provides and its legal status. A further requirement for regulatory compliance is a Patient Guide for all patients receiving any medical consultation from Escripts, including a clearly worded Terms and Conditions and complaints procedure.

To view the Statement of Purpose please click CQC or RQIA

To view the Patient Guide please click CQC or RQIA